About Us

I come from a lineage of dedicated First Responders. My grandfather's journey began as a County Patrolman, later transitioning into the role of a Police Officer. Within our extended family, some of his brothers were part of the Rescue team, while one of his sisters married a Police Officer. The commitment to public service runs deep in my family. My Uncle, for instance, started as a Police Officer for a brief period, later becoming a firefighter, and eventually retiring as a Lieutenant. My Father's path led him to retire as a Captain in the same department where I now serve as a firefighter. I take immense pride in my brother's recent achievement as he earned the rank of Lieutenant in his department. Remarkably, the station where he serves as an officer is the very place where all the firefighters in my family commenced their courageous careers.

My culinary journey began early, inspired by my grandmother's remarkable cooking. Hailing from a farming family in Washington County, North Carolina, she created true Southern delicacies right in her kitchen. I vividly recall being just 12 years old when I ventured to cook a whole ham while my parents were at work. That ham sandwich remains a cherished memory of my early cooking adventures. Over time, my culinary interests expanded as I began to explore recipes on the backs of product boxes and delved into my mother's extensive collection of recipe books. I couldn't resist putting my own creative spin on these culinary delights. Fast forward nine years, and my cooking skills were put to the test when I joined the ranks of firefighters.

Indeed, firefighters can cook, and most of them take pride in it. Firehouses become a gathering place where men and women from diverse backgrounds convene daily around the kitchen table. It was here that I realized my cooking skills were rather basic, and I had to up my game significantly. The kitchen at the firehouse became my classroom, where I observed and learned from the culinary greats within the department. When I transitioned to my current department, I had the privilege of meeting colleagues who had lived all over the world, bringing their diverse culinary experiences to our shared kitchen table. After a few years of learning and growing, I had the honor of serving as the primary cook at several firehouses.

One pivotal moment in this journey can be credited to my wife. During one of her family vacations, she asked me to create a rimmed salt for her Bloody Mary drink. I eagerly experimented and developed a spicy, smoky rimmed salt that was the perfect complement to her beverage. This marked the birth of "Elizabeth's Salt." Its popularity grew as we discovered its delightful versatility, enhancing the flavors of chicken, pork, steaks, vegetables, and even popcorn. Eventually, we bottled it and shared it with family and friends during Christmas, where it became an instant hit.

I am the proud uncle of four amazing nieces, Alaina, Lillian, Staton, and Maisy and one awesome nephew, Aiden. It was my brother's daughter, Alaina, who bestowed upon me the endearing title of "Unkie," a name that has now stuck and extended beyond my nieces and nephews. I wholeheartedly embrace it and cherish the connection it signifies.

My seasonings and rubs are meticulously crafted and rigorously tested in the heart of my firehouse. Everything unfolds at the legendary firehouse kitchen table. I prepare a meal using the seasonings, and an open discussion follows. Firefighters are like family, which means they can be brutally honest, even if it stings, because their love and support run deep. Any necessary adjustments are made, and we revisit the same meal during the next shift. Once approved at my firehouse, the seasoning blends make their way to the neighboring city, where my brother's firehouse further evaluates and provides their seal of approval for the market. Once I secure the final "Firehouse Approval," we proceed to full-scale production.

As a dedicated firefighter with two decades of experience, I've recently embraced the role of a father to twin daughters. This new chapter in my life has further ignited my passion to make a positive impact in our local community. My aspiration goes beyond being a small business owner; it's about creating job opportunities, supporting local events, and raising funds for charitable causes, much like my great grandfather did, who was a source of inspiration for me.

Whether it's for your everyday culinary adventures or a weekend cookout, we're confident that you'll savor the delicious Firehouse Flavor. I sincerely hope that you enjoy these seasonings and rubs as much as my friends and family do. Our exceptional flavors are, in every sense...

"From the Firehouse to Your House."