Collection: Team Ryan Project

My brother, Lt. Ryan McCoy of Chesapeake Fire Department was diagnosed with Stage 3 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2021. He has started Chemotherapy and immune therapy in March of 2022. His IAFF Local Union has started some fundraising for my brother and his family but it’s a drop in the bucket. Cancer in all forms can be costly. We have worked with his IAFF Local and unfortunately, he is not eligible for any Federal or State funds from current cancer bills. If you by a sticker and/or wristband it will go a long way. 

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Update (January 2023): We have received an amazing amount of support from everyone. Thank you all so much. My brother is in remission. He and his family are really appreciative to everyone who donated, bought stickers, wristbands and more. Treatments went very well. He has not been cleared to return to the firehouse at this time. We are still raising funds in the name of #TeamRyan. With donations raised we have helped several firefighters' families in need. From a firefighter in Ohio that lost his home to a fire right before the holidays, to a firefighter in Virginia Beach with cancer, to a paramedic in Kansas that his community was destroyed by a tornado and a firefighter whose family member suffered a major medical issue. We will continue to raise donations to help firefighters in their time of need. This is a cause close to my heart and we will continue to help when and where we can. Thank you all for your support.